There are a lot of free on-line sites that let you colorize an image, how CBN Selector is different from them?

Yes, there are quite a few online sites and software packages out there from ones's that do not have any cross-reference abilty to real world paint colors to those that the color has been scanned with a $100 desktop scanner. None of them can display real world color data because none of them have the Paint Manufacturer's subtractive color spectrophotometer scanned spectral data that has been converted into the virtual sRGB additive color space. The only scientific way to obtain this real world color data is by the use of spectrophotometry to spectrophotometer scan each manufacturer's color paint chip and then convert it from its tristimulus value into the virtual sRGB color space.

It doesn't matter if it's Adobe, Corel or any other software producer how would you ever expect them to properly display real world paint colors properly without the real world data. They can't get it from the paint manufacturer. Low quality or eyeballed data is generally the largest contributing factor to low confidence when managing paint colors on-screen. If you start with high quality data you can expect high quality results.

Ask Adobe or Corel to color manage sRGB additive color to CMYK subtractive color for printing purposes and they are fantastic at it. The reason is simple, they have extremely accurate reflectance and transmission data for (C)cyan, (M)magenta, (Y)yellow and (K)black printing inks. If they did not have the CMYK subtractive color model process color printing today would not be possible.

Printing inks and paint colorants are very similar, they are both real world pigments ground up in a clear carrier. If print media graphics artists can easily view, edit and computer manage digital color to printing inks there is no reason you cannot digitally manage real world paint colors in much the same way. sRGB values are static globally and don't change so this is all about the quality of the subtractive color data you are trying to manage.


Can I copy and paste a sRGB/RGB color from "CBN System` Fandecks" into other software?

Our databases are encrypted and color skewed so it's only our software that can open and view the accurate version of the paint manufacturer's color. The simple reason we protect our data is because it cost a lot of money to produce and therefore we don't give it away or make it available on a free basis. Our databases have 100's of manufacturer's and currently containing over 300,000 colors with more being added everyday. Each color costs us about $8 to scan so our investment in this database is well over $2,000,000. We started scanning colors in 2001 and are still scanning and updating our databases regularly.

We use a $80,000K Perkin-Elmer Lambda 800/900 spectrophotometer with a 150mm integrating sphere which is set to scan all 400 datapoints between 350nm-750nm to obtain our core data. We then convert the scanned data into 4 decimal point sRGB (255.1234) data and then truncate it to the closest sRGB (255) color for virtual display purposes. This gives us absolute confidence in our data and in fact it is so good that we can actually color formulate a pail of paint from it.

In general, Paint retailers use low end ($5K-$10K) (X-Rite, Datacolor, Matchrite, etc) averaging spectrophotometers. This category of spectrophotometers scans 30-35 datapoints across the UV/Vis electromagnetic visible spectrum between 380nm-720nm and then use an averaging (smoothing) algorithm to fill in the missing information in order to generate a spectral curve.


How do I obtain my Activation Code?

Version introduces a much simpler licensing method. If your software is asking for an Activation Code you're probably running an out of date version.

To correct this, please download and upgrade to Version

If you purchased CBN Selector prior to version and never activated it, then you will need to request a Pass Key. Contact Us at support@cbnsystem.com to obtain your Pass Key. Please include the email address used when purchasing CBN Selector or if possible the transaction ID found on the email receipt.


How do i unlock my software?

The trial version of our software installed on your computer can normally be converted automatically into the full version with all functionality unlocked.

Our licensing servers once notified of your purchase automatically sends you a Pass-Key. When you enter the pass-key and hit activate the rest is normally fully automatic.

There are a few occasions when this does not work which are usually caused by your computer being configured in such a way that it will not allow two way communications between your computer and our licensing servers. When this happens you will get a "server unavailable notice". This is usually caused by your firewall or virus software blocking our licensing server attempts to communicate with our software on your computer.

As a backup, our licensing servers send failed licensing attempt notices to our support staff (real people) who will then contact you within our normal business hours and do a manual phone/email activation. The solution is for us to do a two step email/phone manual activation.


Start your demo software then  You will need to go to help>licensing>email/phone activation tab and send us the 16 digit unlock code that you see. We can then manually go into our servers and generate the unlocker code and send it to you. The "unlocker code" will generate an "activation request code" which you will also need to send then we can time load a new "activation code" and send it to you. IMPORTANT: Allowable digits are 0-9, A to F (inclusive) only.


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