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 How do I obtain my Activation Code  
Version introduces a much simpler licensing method. If your software is asking for an Activation Code you're probably running an out of date version.



To correct this, please download and upgrade to Version

If you purchased CBN Selector prior to version and never activated it, then you will need to request a Pass Key. Contact Us at to obtain your Pass Key. Please include the email address used when purchasing CBN Selector or if possible the transaction ID found on the email receipt.


Error: "Unable to connect, please try again later"  
When attempting to download Fandecks or Harmonies in CBN Selector you receive the following message "Unable to connect, please try again later"



This error occurs when you have a personal firewall or another type of security service blocking outbound internet access to certain applications.

Go into the options / preferences of such firewall or security service and grant CBN Selector outbound access to the internet. Please consult the online help for your particular firewall / security service on how to do this.


Message: "Mismatch in Data Packet"  
When starting CBN Selector you receive the message "Mismatch in Data Packet"



This error occurs when you are using a MultiByte Character Set.

SOLUTION This issue has been resolved in version


Vista: "Unable to connect to the license server"  
In some Windows Vista installations the following message comes up when starting CBN Selector:
"Unable to connect to the license server. Please Contact CBN Systems"



SOLUTION This issue has been resolved in version



smartimage selection tools  
I have installed the software and started to edit my picture and I noticed i am missing the toolbox that adds, subtracts, and so on to smartimages. Do I need to upgrade the software to get these tools?



The Add, Subtract options will only be visible if you:

1. Have an image open
2. Are using Prepare Mode
3. Have selected a Tool from the Toolbox.

Please see tutorials for more help.


image color saturation  

I have created a number of smart areas on the image of the house I want to color. The problem is that when I apply a color, it looks more like a stain than a paint. I am using an image of my recently stripped house. Is there a way to apply a virtual primer and then apply the "paint" to get a more realistic view of the colors.

In some rare cases, an applied color might look faded or appear to have not enough strength compared to a physical sample. To increase the color strength of a color applied to a SmartImage Area so it matches that of a color chip, do the following:

While in Colorize mode:

a. Apply the desired color
b. Double click on the SmartImage Area in the SmartImage Areas Palette
c. Move the "Opacity" slider towards the right
d. Click Ok
e. Repeat until color reaches desired intensity.

Please note that there will be a tradeback between color accuracy and photo realism. So as you increase color strength you will start to lose detail in the shadows and mid-tone ranges.



Freeze rendering  

I WAS WORKING IN JPG PHOTO WITH SIZE 2608 X 1952 .fter After making 3 layers and each one layer has 10 fields about ……..the program freeze and i can't make smallest or biggest the photo or zooming . What happen ? Can you help me to solve this problem? The problem is the size from Photo ? We are construction company and we want to testing the colours in a new buildings before pain them .

Working with very large images may cause problems depending on how much memory your system has.

We recommend resizing your image to work at 1280X1024.



 Disappearing windows  

I can't seem to find or open the color selector tool or the industry color paletts once I move from Prepare to Colorize. Poof! They are gone and clicking the buttons don't bring them back. Switch back to prepare, and there they are… Any suggestions?

This can happen if a Tool Window was moved off screen.

Close CBN Selector. Remove the following file:

C:\Program Files\ColorByNumbers\Selector 2\Colorize.dst

Restart CBN Selector


 cbnselector error message  

When I select a color in the colorize mode – the color is applied, but quickly after I receive the following error message: cbnselector has caused an error in cbnselector will now close This causes the application to shutdown. I have tried restarting and it does not seem to help.

It may be related to the SMART Image Area or the Image itself.

Does this happen only with one specific area of a specific image?
Try one of the sample images and see if the problem persists.

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