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CBNsystem.com is a color sciences and computer laboratory that specializes in spectroscopy and spectrophotometer scanning the reflectance, transmission and/or radiated subtractive color of real world materials to facilitate state-of-the-art analytics and management into virtual world RGB/sRGB (additive color) spaces.

As a group, we are dedicated color specialists with more than 40 years experience in real world pigments, colorants and dyes for the coating industry and have more than 20 years of software development experience aimed at on-screen color management of real world colored products and materials. Although we do build other color related spectral databases for clients most of our focus and energies are spent on how to display real world colors on digital displays accurately.

CBN Systems Inc. is a business system integrator of color management solutions. The Company offers proprietary technology for color creation and formulation that seamlessly connects those who specify or purchase color with those who produce the colored product.
The CBN System includes breakthrough technology that connects the colors you select and specify with real world colors available across multiple construction materials. This means, you digitally view the most accurate representation of real world colors of materials like Paint, Stucco, Concrete, Grout, Sealant and many others on your computer screen. CBN is the new common color identification language for building materials.
The CBN Code
The CBN code is the new, very precise standard to identify and communicate color worldwide.
Simplify your color choice – use the CBN code. CBN removes the confusion of the thousands of color systems employed by various manufacturers. For the first time there is one color code that precisely identifies all color throughout any method or medium.
Get the color you want – take control. CBN puts you in control with more choice than ever before. Millions of custom colors, thousands of standard manufacturers colors, and more flexibility in choosing your provider.
One color, one code, multiple materials. When you use the CBN Code to identify and communicate your color selection, you ensure the greatest degree of color accuracy in paint, stucco, sealant, concrete and more, and the greatest ease in getting your color.
Your color, at your convenience. CBN Affiliates can quickly and precisely produce your CBN identified colors in paint, stucco, sealant, concrete and more – provided that color can be achieved in their material. Now you can take your color selection to the provider of your choice – a CBN affiliated material dealer in your area, and receive your color.
Color it your way with CBN!


Some Industry History:

Gone are the days when a paint manufacturer could claim it was only them that could make the colors on their color palette. In 1961 Huls/Degussa (Colortrend) came to the market with the first widely accepted “Paint Color System” which included sales aids and a color formula solution for paint manufacturers. It contained a collection of 1300 color, master fandeck, a color formula book and a companion paint colorant set. This system also had complete instruction on how to set Tio2 loading levels for a 4 tint base system.


Overnight the ones that adopted this system were making thousands of colors while other small to medium sized companies were still operating on 200-500 colors. Even in today’s age of computer color matching the ColorTrend system or something similar is still used by those who could not afford the purchase of a computerized color matching system.


One of the most effective marketing campaigns in the paint industry in that last 15 years was that all the big paint retailers were telling consumers that they can make any color or any competitors color with their new POS (point of sale) computerized color matching system. This strategy was particularly effect for the Home Depot who now sells close to 2 billion dollars worth of paint annually. You will notice that in all Home Depot’s the paint department has now been moved to the most valuable front and center floor space in all stores.  


CBN from the consumer perspective:

CBN Selector was designed to allow the consumer an easy method to visualize, select paint colors and/or color combinations for their homes. This is fully featured program that allow for preparation of your own digital images as well as access to the online colorchart.org database. Consumers can download it for free or pay a small fee to open the save .CBN image format option. Over 90% of those who download CBN Selector convert to the paid version within days.   


CBN from the Professionals perspective:

Designers, Architects, Builders, Specifiers and Painters use both colorcharts.org and CBN Selector as there new digital color reference library for visualizing, selecting, communicating, specifying and selling color schemes. CBN Selector also contains many advanced Professional user functions including monitor calibration, a color EQ function, an all know color coordination techniques function as well as many other power user features. The only difference between the consumer and the Professional power user is that they use high end graphics tools which include good quality calibrated monitors and graphics cards.


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