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Have you ever spent countless of hours selecting new paint colors for your room or the exterior of your house? Have you ever visited zillions of paint stores to look at color swathes and standing there feeling hopeless, lost t and finally giving up on finding the right color for your home? Have you ever spent lots of money and time on paint work and once it was done you were not 100% satisfied with the result? Selecting the right colors for your home is very time taking and frustration process and it is even more frustrating if you do not get what you really want for your time and money. You are frustrated because you are doing exactly the same old fashion ways of choosing paint colors than most of the people do who are unhappy with the result of their home painting.


Martha Stuart Living Paint Color Shame

Before Paint Color Applied

paint color

After Paint Color Applied

paint color

You can see REAL WORD MANUFACTURED COLORS on your wall, roof or any other area of your home INSTANTLY. Imagine for a moment what seeing how you living room would look like with the paint color you choose before actually buying paint and painting your room COULD MEAN TO YOU What would mean to you to have access to thousands of paint harmonies that are put together by the top interior designers in the word? PERHAPS: Saving time on trying to find colors that go together? Seeing exactly how your new room would look like to make better decisions on color choices. Leaving the guess work out of color matching by having the exact manufacture color code that you can take to the paint store and get the exact color you want… NOT just a close guess from the shop assistant in the store and NOT worrying about how it would look like on your wall after painting. To tell you the truth when we tested this method with top end Interior designers they were not only satisfied THEY WERE SUPER AMAZED how well it works.



Visualize your home pained with the new paint color before ….

paint color palette

Many professional interior designers use CBN Selector to provide their customers with the exact paint color they want, visualize their home pained with the new paint color before spending a dime on paint and swathes.

In fact this so effective and precisely reliable that nothing we found till this date that even comes close to it.


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